Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection TampaIn the past, mortgage lenders required a termite inspection before going to the closing table. Currently, many lending institutions no longer require this. We strongly recommend to any home buyer in the Tampa area to make sure a current termite inspection has been completed on your potential new home. This area is prone to termites and the small price to pay for an inspection is well worth the potential cost down the road.

A Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection Report is a written report of an inspection on a structure for visible and accessible evidence of an infestation or damage by wood destroying organisms. In most cases these wood destroying organisms are subterranean or dry wood termites, but this report also covers wood destroying beetles and wood destroying fungi. A WDO inspection can only be done by a wood destroying organisms identification cardholder of a pest control company licensed by the state of Florida.

A WDO Inspection Report is provided when a home or structure is being sold and the lender or buyer requires the inspection as part of the sale. If an inspection is done for these purposes, the inspection must be reported on a specific form as required by Florida law.

Nelson’s Pest Control maintains the following pricing structure for WDO Inspection Reports as long as they are done M-F 8-5. Homes up to 2,500 sq ft are $85, homes 2,5001-4,000 sq ft are $100 and anything more is a minimum of $100 and based upon the square footage of the home.

Termite inspections can also be completed on a home you currently own and are worried about. Although many are done during a home’s transaction period, this is not the only time an inspection should occur. If you have homes in the area that are suffering from termites or suspect the possibility, it is in your best interest to have an inspection sooner than later. A termite inspection and preventative termite treatment can protect your home from costly damage.

If a termite infestation is found, Nelson’s Pest Control can suggest the best termite treatment solutions.

Why Have A Termite Inspection?

  • Termites infest almost five million homes in the US each year, causing billions of dollars in additional cost to homeowners.
  • Termites can find a way into your home no matter what it is made of.
  • Termites can enter through cracks as small as 1/32 of an inch.

Having a termite warranty can be a great way to prevent damage and ensure you don’t incur the cost of a termite infestation. Nelson’s Pest Control can offer you a termite warranty and in most cases will assume the remaining warranty and transfer it to Nelson’s if it is from another company. Our renewal fees are often lower. If you don’t currently have a termite warranty, give us a call we will do an inspection and give you the necessary recommendations.

Termite pre-treatment of new construction sites is required by Florida state law and is a necessary measure to prevent future invasions of termites. The licensed professionals at Nelson’s Pest Control will make an initial visit to the construction site prior to building and will return prior to final inspection for a perimeter treatment.

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