Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care TampaWe offer lawn care programs that are sure to make your lawn and neighbors green with envy. We have two lawn lawn care programs a year round 12 month program and a 10 month program (no November or January billing). Each program includes seasonal specific insecticide to keep insects out of your lawn, fertilizer, fungicide, broad-leaf weed control, nutsedge and sedge grass control treatments, added tick treatment and warranty for your lawn.

These programs also include a preventative and curative application of insecticide for protection against chinch bugs, fire ants, sod web worm, army worms, mole crickets, grubs, fleas, ticks and other turf insects. This lawn care treatment for the above mentioned insects are warrantied as part of our program.

Crab grass and Bermuda grass tend to invade the St. Augustine lawns that are prevalent in the Tampa area. Our lawn care programs strive to give you a weed free lawn and with our pre-emergent program helps to eliminate the growth of both crabgrass and Bermuda grass.

By providing prompt and complete lawn care, we have been able to maintain superior service. Many of our customers have been with us over 20 years and they will tell you superior service plus great prices equals happy customers and beautiful lawns.

Keeping your lawn properly hydrated and regularly watered combined with a proper nutrition program will obtain that thick lush carpet look in your lawn. Doing this is easier said then done; however your thick lawn itself will aid in preventing the germination of crabgrass (and other weed grasses) in the same manner that applying a 3″ or 4″ thickness of mulch stops weeds from germinating and overtaking flowerbeds. Every year I commonly see the typical homeowner working hard at rejuvenating their lawn by removing all the dead thatch from their lawn. In theory, they envision that if they bring their bad lawn areas back to a natural bare soil state it will in some way encourage the good desired grass to spread and develop more aggressively over the newly cleaned soil.  Unfortunately, their efforts without the aid of pre-emergents, will have just exposed millions of weed seeds to the sun’s rays and will be promoting lots of new weed growth. In other words, if you are not going to completely re-sod those areas it is best not to remove any of the dead remaining grasses or thatch. If sodding is not in your immediate plans then leave the dead grass, as it will be your best defense in keeping some weeds buried and prevent germination.

Our shrub care program is performed every other month and includes liquid fertilizer, topical fungicide and insecticide. This service is designed for shrubbery and small trees or palms under 4″ in diameter and at chest height. This service does not include shrubs inside of pool cages.

Palm tree fertilization program is a service that is provided twice annually. The treatment consists of a custom blend fertilizer with micro nutrients, iron, manganese and magnesium for balanced feeding which provides growth and color to enhance your palm trees.

If you have any questions, give us a call; Nelson’s Pest Control wants to be your lawn care provider.

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